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How Gratitude Changed My Life

November 1, 2018

Happy November, P R I M babes!

A lot of people might think I’m crazy. If you’ve seen me over the past few weeks, you know how stressed out I’ve been about going into the holiday season short-staffed in all locations. So, how did I go from that to deciding to open a new store 300 miles away in less than a month? The answer is gratitude.

One restless night, I couldn’t sleep. I woke up at three in the morning to see that someone had, serendipitously, sent me an Instagram post by mistake—but it was a message I needed to hear. The message was in the form of a guided meditation. And although it wasn’t meant for me, I felt called to give it a try.

The simple exercise gave me an entirely new perspective. In under 15 minutes, my mood completely changed, my energy elevated and my stress disappeared—in fact, it completely transformed into hope. And it’s all thanks to giving thanks. The meditation explains that ego, fear and stress cannot exist when you are in gratitude.

When the meditation prompted me to visualize the people in my life I’m most grateful for, the first person that came to mind was my husband Scott. He’s always believed in me, helped me find my confidence and made my dreams—both personal and professional—come true. Next, I couldn’t help but think of my team, for believing in my vision. Each of their faces popped up because I can’t do what I’m doing without them.

I went into that next day renewed and refreshed. I had more energy, despite not getting much sleep. Where I was feeling lack and unsupported, I now felt creative possibilities for my and my company’s future—simply by remembering all of the abundance already in my life. And with that positive energy, a new opportunity presented itself: the chance to pop-up on State Street in Santa Barbara.

It’s no secret my dream is to eventually move to the Central Coast. While my end-goal is to live in San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara aligns with the overall direction I’m heading in. Not to mention, my upstairs stock room was overflowing with merchandise that shipped early. Was this idea really all that crazy? I decided to investigate. With just a day’s notice, I cancelled my LA buying trip and paused hiring efforts. The stars continued to align as we found the perfect space with a 3-month lease to test the new market through the busy holiday season (and slow month of January).

Today we open our doors to PRIM SB at 714 State Street, somehow fully staffed, and I owe it all to gratitude. The practice has completely changed my life and expanded my mind—and brand. Here are some other things I am so, so grateful for:

  • The ability to move my body.
  • My vision—and not just my retail vision. My passion and work is all visual, and if I lost my sight I wouldn’t be able to do what I love.
  • The ability to connect with people through fashion. PRIM is so much more than clothes; it’s about community and empowering women to feel their best.
  • This new store opportunity, near the ocean. I love the ocean, which is so energizing and revitalizing, and I’m excited to be able to give it back by breathing life into Santa Barbara’s retail landscape and community.
  • The growth in my life, how far I’ve come and have yet to go.

I invite you to count the things you’re grateful for and see how your life changes. Let us know what you’re most grateful for in the comments below!


XO PRIMbabes,


Meet Our Girl Crush of the Month

September 4, 2018

(Source: Marrin Costello;

“I don’t wear earrings,” Missy declares one morning last month, seemingly out of the blue. “But I want to have an ear-piercing party, after meeting Marrin Costello.” She continues to gush over the jewelry designer, whose line we will soon be carrying, for the rest of our morning meeting. After speaking with Costello, who got a major sign from the Universe when her pieces were unexpectedly featured on American Idol, it’s clear to see what Missy sees in the inspiring entrepreneur. Her spiritually-inspired accessories boast a luxurious aesthetic (she even manufactures alongside designers like Chanel) with an affordable price tag. Meanwhile, her advice on fashion and fearlessness is just as thoughtful as the stunning pieces she creates—and has been creating since childhood, when her aunt fatefully gave her a bead kit. Read on to find out why the PRIM babes have fallen in love with her—and her designs!—plus why she’s the perfect Girl Crush of the Month to kick-off our month of living fearlessly. —Katie Davidson

KD: How would you describe your personal style?
MC: “My style ranges. I could do athleisure all day long, goodness gracious. I could also do a Canadian tuxedo. I also love a glam moment, a floor-length gown and vintage fur, I’m in heaven. But in my everyday life, I try and keep it to neutrals and then jazz it up with a bunch of jewelry and accessories. That way, I can switch out a jacket and a pair of shoes and go from day to night. Most women, nowadays, we wear so many hats—especially working moms, holy cow. So I try to keep my wardrobe as malleable as possible to allow for as many things in one day.”

KD: Who are your style crushes?
MC: “I think that if Sarah Jessica Parker, Gwen Stefani, Leandra Medine from Man Repeller and the Olsen twins had a love child, that would be me—with a sprinkle of Rachel Zoe. I just love women who dress for, quintessentially, themselves. All the women that I mentioned have their own distinct style, and to me that is so attractive and a reflection of a woman’s confidence in her expression of her herself.”

KD: What does your self-care routine look like?
MC: “This has been a journey to find out what works for me. Being in the fashion industry and being the face of my brand, it is important that I feel like I’m presenting myself in a good way, whether it’s going to the gym or going to a black tie event. I take pride in putting myself together in a very simple way. I’m constantly evaluating everything that I’m doing in my life to ask myself if it’s serving me and taking up the least amount of time as possible. How can I create the largest band width of this? I always make my bed. I drink a ton of water. I started juicing celery in the mornings—it’s like the elixir of life, it helps me so much. I love love coffee, but I try not to drink it past the afternoon, depending upon what time i’m going to bed. I’ve learned that my body does really well on 6 hours of sleep.

I can truly get ready—I’m talking full hair, makeup, the whole thing—in probably 20 minutes because I know what works for my body makeup routine is very simple, purposefully, but also effective. I don’t wear much makeup, but when I do it’s very simple. And then my hair, I mean, I’m a natural brunette. I used to have long, wavy, boho-surfer, beach-prom hair. Now, I have a platinum bob. I don’t wash my hair that often. I use a lot of dry shampoo; it cuts my time to get ready in half. Occasionally, I’ll take a curling iron to it to kind of mess it up a little bit. But I like the bedhead, messy, teased look. It’s interesting, people don’t forget it.”

KD: How do you approach your wardrobe?
MC: “I’m constantly going over my wardrobe, and I’ve learned how to how to dress my body. In terms of my wardrobe color palette: a lot of black and white, a hint of denim, a little bit of nudes. I keep things very neutral, unless I’m committing to a crazy Escada or Gucci print. And I’m owning it; in that case, I’ll do like a head to toe print. I pretty much live in neutrals, and I allow the jewelry to be the focus, which makes sense for my brand. It also makes my life really easy, when I’m getting ready in the morning.

I’m constantly purging. It’s different because, in LA, it’s summer all year round. If I’m not wearing something, it doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, it means that I’m probably not going to pick it out. For people who have seasonal wardrobes, it’s different. But for me, if I’m not wearing something, I can it. I’ll either give it to someone who will use it, donate it or give it to a consignment store. I often go through my closet, and I’ll try on every single piece in my closet. And when I try it on I’ll ask myself, In this moment, do I feel like a bazillion dollars? And if I don’t in any one piece, it doesn’t matter how expensive it is or how cheap it is or where I got it from or what the emotional connection is, if in that moment, I don’t feel good or fantastic, then I get rid of it. It’s served its place and time in my life. And that time is the longer and so I remove it from my wardrobe because the chances of reaching for it are slim because I don’t feel good in it. So why would I keep anything in my life—people, things, experiences—that don’t make me feel good? I don’t, I eliminate them.”

KD: If you could only wear one piece of jewelry, what would it be?
MC: “I have a multi-faceted answer to this. In terms of pieces from my collection, the Bowzer bracelet is so quintessential to the Marrin Costello brand, and I owe so much of the brand recognition to that one piece. Not that I could ever pick a favorite child, but to me that one sticks out because it really is a huge part and root of the brand: having it be very sexy and sophisticated but also edgy, having the masculine and feminine meet in the middle. In terms of jewelry that I would wear every day, I always wear a piece of my grandmothers’ jewelry from both sides of my family. I also recently started wearing a ring that my dad had made for my mom from a coin that they found when they were on vacation in Mexico together—before I was even a thought—to have my family with me. Jewelry is so special in that we connect emotions and points in time and people in our lives to jewelry. So my family heirlooms are so precious to me. If there was a fire or earthquake, I would reach for those things first to keep them with me.”

KD: Working in fashion and such a competitive industry, how do you stay true to yourself and your brand without getting influenced by everything and everyone else around?
MC: “I find that the more I do my own thing, the better everything ends up being. Again, because I’m constantly asking myself, Is this a hot experience? Does it feel good? Do I feel icky? Even if it’s an interaction with a person, I don’t work with anyone that I don’t live for—I don’t. There’s enough to go around, there [are] seven billion people on the planet. From models to manufacturers to assistants to store owners to anyone, if I don’t get good vibes then I don’t bother. Because then I’m not going to perform at my best level, and they’re not going to be getting the best of me.

In terms of social media, I have learned to give myself grace. Everyone’s posting the highlight reel. I also don’t follow people that don’t make me feel good about myself. I have a system in terms of social media and marketing. My social media is not purely just for social; it’s for my business. It’s a platform through which I can connect with customers and network with people in the industry and beyond, with my business at the forefront. For people who use it specifically for personal means, that is when it’s so easy to go down the rabbit hole, and then the self-esteem can plummet in seconds. But for me, the why and the reason behind it is very clear. Occasionally, I’ll look at other companies or brands, and the comparison game is real and it’s true. But when I start feeling those things, I quickly check myself and do something that can boost my self-confidence again. And I move on because it serves no one.”

KD: What advice do you have on fashion and/or fearlessness?
MC: “I think in both categories, do what makes you happy, regardless of other people’s opinions—so long as it’s not dangerous, you’re not hurting yourself or anyone. Being fearless, to me, is not thinking about the negative or over-thinking, And just going and doing and learning and pivoting as you go. Oftentimes, people overthink things, and they like to pick things apart. And while someone is doing that, another person with a similar idea is already executing on the idea. So for me, fearlessness is continuing to be your best self and do good work, regardless of the outcome. There’s no right or wrong road.

In terms of fashion, wear what makes you feel fabulous, and freaking get rid of anything—physical things, even people in your life—that doesn’t that make you feel good. Distance yourself or remove those things from your life, if possible, because they’re taking up space for something else that could make you feel like the best version of yourself.”

This is What Fearlessness Means to Us

September 4, 2018

Happy September, PRIM babes!

This month is all about being fearless.

Some of you may remember last year, around this time, I had lost my beloved fur baby, Bauer. What I may not have been so expressive of is the loss of loved ones that followed closely after, and the resulting depression I fell into. Looking back now, I clearly was not myself… and what’s scary is that no one really knew, except maybe my husband Scott. Over the summer, we talked a lot about mental health, and with the anniversary of these tragedies approaching, I can’t help but be taken back to that same heavy feeling.

Part of what was weighing me down so much was fear: fear of my own immortality, fear that I might lose more loved ones, and fear that if I did they might not know how much they truly mean to me. It was a difficult time in my life but a necessary reality check for setting my priorities straight. But as a strong fearless leader (or at least who I want and try to be), I decided to start a conversation with my family, team and all of you! Life is hard, challenging… We get thrown so much shit every day, and it’s hard to rise above and stay positive.

I don’t want to live with any regrets. I want to be the best version of myself every day. I want Scott to know how much I love him and I want to be the best wife I can be.  I want to speak nicer, be more caring and available, spend more time with family, and cherish every. single. day. I want to be a leader my team can looks up to, and not just because Im tall, and I want to inspire them every. single. day. I learned that everyone handles death differently, and the best thing we can do is be there for one another. Even if you don’t know what to say, just be there. Let the people in your life know you care. Encourage them, build them up. I’m learning how to slow down, to be aware of who needs me—including (and especially) myself. If I need to take time off, it’s ok! I shouldn’t feel guilty! I know the stores are in capable hands.

One thing I always try to instill in my team is confidence—the #1 accessory we want everyone to wear! If we feel beautiful or even hear we look beautiful, we stand a little taller, our confidence grows. That’s the world I want to live in, that I want for my tribe. I’m not saying this is the cure to mental heath, but I do think positive vibes is one hell of a start!

And speaking of positive vibes, I recently had the opportunity to meet a new jewelry artist who inspired me greatly. When speaking to her, I was captivated by her energy and positive outlook. I am so thrilled to introduce our #GirlCrush of the month, Marrin Costello! Marrin is a fearless boss, and the perfect babe to help us introduce our relaunched blog. Stay tuned for our Q&A with the inspiring entrepreneur, and shop her stunning pieces in stores and online now!

Read on to see what fearlessness means to the other members of our tribe:

Computer Katie: I just got back from a service trip in Guatemala. I was scared about traveling to a country I knew little about for a lot of reasons (namely, unwarranted fears I had picked up from my family), but my scariest moment of the trip was jumping off a steep cliff into Lake Atitlan. The cliff was more than 200 feet tall. Somehow, I worked up the courage to jump, but what was most surprising to me is that the fear didn’t go away after I did it. I was still terrified of jumping again. I don’t believe in the absence of fear. I believe in feeling the fear, and doing it anyway.

Lauren (P-town): Being fearless, to me, means staying strong in what you believe in and portraying yourself as you believe, no matter that people say.

Heather (POP): Fearlessness, to me, is all about mindset. It’s adopting a growth mindset over a fixed or limiting mindset, then putting that into practice DAILY, continually stepping out of comfort zones, choosing growth. Once we become fearless, life becomes limitless!

Jenna (LG): To me, the word fearless means not being afraid of regretting anything. It means taking that leap of faith and not worrying about the repercussions. Fearless is having the courage to do anything when you set your mind to it. Anyone can be fearless, you just have to believe in yourself and not stress over what has not happened yet. It may sound scary, but being fearless is not supposed to be easy. It is a process of living a lifestyle with no regrets. I strive to be fearless in everything I do.

Moon (LG): What being fearless means to me is always doing the things that scare me the most. Usually facing your fears will produce an amazing miracle or at least a fun internal change in your beautiful self, going after your biggest dreams and not allowing people to make you feel less than you’re worth or that you aren’t capable of accomplishing anything you want. Each time I make a major move or a big change, I am taking a chance to have courage in the face of my fears. Being fearless is following your heart because it isn’t as logical as your mind, trusting your intuition, quieting the constant mind and just listening.

Irlanda (P-town): I’m not sure that I’ve ever actually been “fearless.” I have always felt some level of fear when doing something big or new. I think it’s courage that has gotten me through that fear, though. Knowing that what’s on the other side of fear is worth obtaining and having the courage to push through or put up a good fight with my insecurities is what fearlessness means to me.

Kandace (POP): To me, living fearlessly is not letting your fears keep you from doing what you want to do. Just go for it; you’ll end up feeling fearless afterwards, even if you didn’t feel that way beforehand!

Keep the conversation going: Tell us what fearlessness means to you in the comments below—or when you come visit us in stores!

XO PRIM babes,

This is What Independence Means to Us

July 3, 2018

Welcome to July, PRIM babes!

Independence Day may be right around the corner (and don’t you worry, we have you covered with last-minute holiday outfits! In fact, keep reading for a very special offer), but we’re going to be talking about it all month. Whether it’s the freedoms we have in this country, freedom from societal expectations or making our own freedom by being our own #GirlBosses—whatever freedom means to you, we’re celebrating it. Read on, as some members of the #PRIMtribe reflect on what it means to them:

Computer Katie: 

I remember right after I started working at PRIM, Missy treated me to dinner and some dating wisdom someone had imparted onto her: “Don’t get married before you turn 30… because between ages 25 to 30 you change and learn so much about yourself.” I was 28 at the time. I had gotten close to marriage, though had never been engaged. And while her advice was encouraging, I still secretly hoped I’d at least be in a serious relationship by the time 30 rolled around, especially considering all my friends (not to mention exes) were settling down and starting families all around me.

I’ll be 31 in a month, and I’m no closer to marriage than I was that night. Missy has seen—well, heard about—all of my dating highs and lows since then. I even got myself into that serious relationship. Although he appeared to be marriage material on the outside (owned his house, was ready to settle down, had a stable, high-paying job, blah blah blah), I knew in my heart he wasn’t for me. Saying goodbye was hard, but I’d rather be alone than feigning happiness. I also dated a lot of guys that had nothing long-term to offer me and/or were completely wrong for me. With every “failed” relationship, I grew a little closer to myself.

Editor’s note: I put “failed” in quotes because I don’t know that anyone can actually fail at a relationship—and believe me, I didn’t always feel this way. You’re talking to a product of divorce, hopeless romantic and deeply-sensitive empath that has suffered through (and much longer than necessary with) every breakup and heartache. But Missy was right about that period of self-discovery. In the astrological world, this uncertain time of your life is called your Saturn return, which happens right around 28 years old. I’m so blessed that my pain led me down a path of wellness and yoga training, which taught me that everyone we encounter—not just romantic partners—is a spiritual assignment, an opportunity for growth. While you might not learn the lesson, you can never fail at being yourself.

With each of my dating missteps, I truly started to enjoy my own company. In fact, most nights I preferred to be alone at home, in my tiny studio, than out with others. But more importantly, I realized I don’t need someone else—anything outside of myself, really—to complete me. For so long, I was looking for a partner to validate my feelings, stand up for me, take care of me… until I learned I could do all of those things for myself. That has been the most empowering feeling of all.

Now, I don’t judge anyone that married early/before that milestone. I am truly happy for people that have found someone they love so much that they want to share the rest of their lives and space with that person. I still want that for myself. But I don’t need it to be happy or complete me. Being comfortable and happy with who I am is what independence means to me, and it has been the greatest gift that my 30s have brought me (so far).

Moon (LG): 

The literal definition of independence is “the fact or state of being independent,” or even better put by Ne-Yo: “She got her own thing, that’s why I love her, Miss Independent.” I was raised by a single mother, in a time when it wasn’t as common as it is today. I never felt a lack or that anything was incomplete in my life. If anything, my mother Debra taught me independence, which has been a huge part of my journey and life. I’ve lived on my own and away from my family since I was 24. I’ve never felt alone, even living far away, because I’ve been blessed with such a strong family base. I was once told by my mother that she is so grateful to have “given me roots to call home but wings to fly on my own.” Independence has been living on my own, supporting myself financially, building my dream life of doing what I love at PRIM and fulfilling my life intentions and dreams every day.

Clare (LG): 

To me, independence means having the ability to think, believe, and act freely and on your own terms. Having independence is important to me because it instills a sense of accomplishment when I get something done, knowing it was all my doing. It builds confidence and feeds into self-love when I feel like something got done on my own merit. Additionally, being an “independent woman” is important because it demands respect and screams, “I’m here, and I’m in charge of my life.” Taking charge of your own life, accomplishments, and mistakes is what being independent as a person is all about!

Paige (LG): 

Independence is so important and something I pride myself on. One of the most important things we as human beings have is our freedom and independence. That being said, one of the biggest issues in our country is that people’s freedoms are being stripped away. While I love celebrating the Fourth of July, I think this year especially we need to use our privilege to help people who don’t have the same independence as us. Being a store full of strong, independent women encourages me to help women who don’t feel as empowered as us. Building our customers up into strong, independent women is one of the great joys of our job. 
Danielle (LG): 
Independence is the complete freedom and control on an individual or a group of individuals without harming others; to conform as much or as little as you want. It is the ability to make your own decisions and actions without the permission of someone else. It is the freedom to like what you do and not what everyone else expects you to do. 
Emma (LG): 
Independence means being free from anything or anyone that would control who I am or who I want to become. Independence means that I am my own person, and I have the options to try anything to better myself and my community. I would say that I am thankful for the independence that I have in this country, but I recognize that not everyone else has the same independence, and I’d love to use my privilege to give everyone equal rights.
Heather (POP): 
To me, independence is following my heart; owning my time and health; and living my dreams. 
Lauren (P-town): 

Independence means knowing that I can make it on my own without having to rely on anyone else.

We want to know what it means to you! Reply in the comments below, or share your own empowering stories with us in stores or on social media. When you come in this week, you’ll get 20% OFF all red, white and blue items PLUS site-wide with code HAPPY4TH

Our Summer Yoga and Wellness Tips

June 26, 2018

There are 92 days of summer. Days are longer this time of year than in any other season. We just celebrated the summer solstice, which marks the halfway point of the year. In yogic terms, this would be the time to pause between your inhale and exhale. A time to reflect on the intentions you set for yourself, where you are on the path to achieving your goals. Start to bring awareness to how far you’ve come and how far you have left to go. Are you still aligned with what you want to manifest in your life, or do you need to pivot to get back on track? Do you still want that dream you’ve been chasing, or have your needs changed? If you haven’t reached this goal, are there things you need to let go of in order to move forward? If you’ve gotten what you wanted, does it bring you joy?

While this is the time to soak up the sun, to feel illuminated, lit up, energized and shine brightly, this is also the time that a lot of resistance can start to show up. Think about it: The closer the sun gets to you, the bigger your shadow gets. Your shadow canbe anything that you are trying to hide or repress, feelings or situations that you are not wanting to deal with. What are the aspects of yourself that you need to shine a light on, that need your attention? Now think about the moon: It is always full, even though we only see parts of it as it goes through its phases. We are all like the moon: always full, even though we don’t always feel whole. But it’s only when we accept all the parts of ourselves—even the parts we don’t want to be illuminated—that we can step into our shining wholeness.

Just like in yoga, it’s time to listen to your body. Do you need to push yourself to move more, or can you ease up and be more gentle with yourself? As we continue to talk about mental health, we realize that, in order to have a real impact, we need to start from within. With all that is going on in the world, there is always room for us to be kinder to ourselves. Self-care is no longer an occasional luxury but a non-negotiable we must carve out the time for.

This Sunday, we will be offering two very special sunrise-to-sunset yoga classes, starting in the morning at our Pleasanton location (with me at 9AM!) and ending at our Los Gatos store (with my friend Liisa, who I trained with and is a Crisis Text Line volunteer, at 5PM). We will also be celebrating the launch of All Fenix’s latest collection all day—plus giving away special fitness gifts to guests who spend over $150.

“We wanted to create an activewear label that represented all women: those who are active and those who want to be active; those who want to live healthier lives and are ready to kick start that journey. That’s where the PHOENIX comes in: a mythical bird that represents rebirth and rejuvenation. Synonymous with energy and activity, we felt the name truly embodied our brand. Why spell it Fenix? We wanted to recreate it and make it our own.” –All Fenix founders

In addition to a nourishing, full-body workout, treat yourselves to fashion (and function!)-forward activewear. As we’ve already gushed, there is so much we love about this Australian activewear line—the tech-savvy fabrics as well as chic prints and detailing, to name a few. But our workout wardrobe always stays ahead of the curve, thanks to our opposite seasons. Shop the latest styles for fall—in stores now!—plus save on summer-ready styles, which are already marked down. Hope to see you there!

If you can’t make it to the event, shop the latest styles online.

XO PRIM babes,
Computer Katie

P.S. Thank you so much to everyone that came out to our Backyard SALE last weekend. We exceeded our goal of $1000 to donate to Crisis Text Line!

June is Mental Health Month at PRIM

June 19, 2018

Mental health is a cause that is very close to our hearts. We were all shaken by the deaths of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. For me personally, the news hit too close to home. Not only has Kate been a true inspiration to me in my business, but also, just weeks before, I lost a family member to suicide. It pains me to know that he was suffering, that he was that sad to take his own life. I can’t help but feel for everyone that is in this much pain and I want to do whatever we can to help, even if it is talking about it on our little blog.

Even though the news has died down, we want to keep the conversation going. With my team and my customers, I have an open-door policy. I urge you—beg you—to reach out if there is ever something heavy going on, that you can’t handle on your own. Thru the end of the month, proceeds from your purchases will continue to benefit the Crisis Text Line. Our goal is to raise $1000 towards 30 hours of training for suicide-prevention counselors. Keep reading for some reasons why mental health is so important to some of our tribe members.

Chelsea, P-town:
I believe mental health is something that impacts a lot more people than we would ever imagine, and that they often don’t discuss their feelings due to the stigmas associated with it. This is only adding to the growing epidemic. Personally, I deal with depression, anxiety and panic attacks, and it took me multiple years of struggling before I decided to seek help. It was an easier decision for me, since I also have family members that deal with mental health issues, and they were extremely supportive and encouraging of my decision to reach out for help. This mental health crisis is going to continue to be an ever-growing issue, and the only way to become more educated, empathetic and helpful to those that struggle is to offer them our support, 100%, rather than judgement. As a society, we could do a better job about educating ourselves of these issues and how to handle them, both in schools and work environments. We posted this quote a few weeks ago, however it is a simple, but extremely important reminder I try to remind myself every day, both in my personal and work life: “Everyone is fighting a battle we know nothing about, so be kind always”

Marissa (Moon), LG:
On a very personal level, I grew up with an uncle that endured two severe brain traumas as a result of two separate car accidents. Miraculously, he survived both but remained mentally and physically disabled. A few years ago, he attempted to take his own life and, thankfully, failed. No one knows exactly why his attempt was not successful, however his doctors believe that he tripped that day—one of his legs is a full inch and a half shorter than the other leg, due to the first car accident. My Uncle Brian is a beautiful, kind soul. He’s always cheerful and who would give you the shirt off of his own back if you were in need of it. The world would be a darker place without him, and I am grateful he is still here, every single day.

I think that talking about mental health is something that [our culture] has turned into such a stigma. The sad thing is we all judge, critique and compare ourselves to one another. I have several close friends who suffer from personal mental-health problems, ranging from anxiety and depression to debilitating migraines. We all experience darkness, and the only way we can heal is by making our world a place where people can talk about things openly and in a safe place, without judgement or critique. Oftentimes, we are so wrapped up in ourselves that we don’t notice what anyone around us is going through. I’ve always been a friend who people can turn to, and I will continue to be open to and accepting of anyone struggling. My job at PRIM has continued to build my strength in empathy and my ability to read people, and I am grateful of how aware I often am. If someone you know is struggling, don’t be afraid to be there, offer a helping hand where you can and listen—most importantly listen, just be quiet and listen. I know we cannot save everyone, however I’m grateful to work for a brand where we can offer a safe place for people to come and be themselves and promote loving oneself just as he or she is because YOU are perfect just as you are!

Tatiana, P-town:
  • 1 in 4 people in the world will be affected by mental health issues.
  • Around 450 million people in the United States currently suffer from such conditions, placing mental disorders among the leading causes of ill-health and disability.
  • Suicide is the tenth leading cause of death in the United States.
These statistics are crazy to me. Personally, I have never really struggled with mental health issues, but I know people close to me that have. My grandpa took his life at a very young age because of mental health issues, and even though I never got the chance to meet him, it breaks my heart that he might still be here today had he gone to someone for help. But I also feel that people don’t think they can go to someone for help because it may be “embarrassing.” We can all do a little more to help, just by being more aware of others and their needs, and also helping others to know it’s okay to need help. “Your illness does not define you—your strength and courage does.”

Heather, POP: 
I just want to share this quote:
Computer Katie: 

I also have family members that struggle with their mental health. Even as a young girl, I feared some of them might take their own life. I’ve always been very empathetic and could feel—sometimes even absorb—their pain. It’s difficult to watch people you love suffer from depression and not being able to help or do anything about it. However, it’s guided my path and is one of the reasons I decided to become a yoga teacher. I believe mental health is just as important as physical health, like diet and exercise. I’m grateful to work for PRIM, where Missy genuinely cares about helping others and making a difference, however she can.

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